BIOCROMA®  is the premium choice in reducing dust and achieving a brilliant seed treatment finish.  Unmatched in seed flow and dust control properties BIOCROMA® will deliver the most professional finish in seed treatment.

Adding BIOCROMA® to the seed treatment recipe improves the movement of seed through seeders, and augers thus achieving accurate planting.  Dust control is achieved by keeping the agchem on seed and removing the need for finishing powders (if used).  Fast drying properties also add to the attractiveness of this premium additive to your seed treatment process.

BIOCROMA® has a great covering power, which makes it possible to completely change the appearance of the treatment color, regardless of the original color from the chemical treatment.

The BIOCROMA® Line is characterized by water-based formulated products to replace the use of post-finishing in seed treatment.

Its advanced technology gives an innovative result in seed coating.

Using BIOCROMA® consolidates all the advantages of using a finishing powder + polymer in a single formulation, allowing you to achieve sophisticated gloss, high quality coating and excellent appearance.

Available as Red and Silver in Australia.  Well suited to canola seed and the treatment of high value crop types.

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